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Olas Surf Bali is founded in 2015.Owned & Operated by Balinese. We offer affordable pampering surf retreat packages or just surf lessons. Find out more about our packages
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About Us


Olas Surf Bali is founded in early 2015.Owned & Operated by Balinese. Olas Surf Bali starts from a simple dream of a young 10 year old Balinese surfer who has so much passion in Surfing.

Wayan is the founder and also the head instructor who will guide you with all techniques about surfing. Wayan has been surfing since he was 10 years old and has built his strong passion for surfing along the years. He has previously worked in well known surf schools for years and has many experience in surf coaching for beginners and intermediate surfers.

All our coaches in Olas Surf are ASI Certified and experienced, so you can rest assure that you will learn the best surfing techniques with us.

As for our Lessons, they can be conducted at any surf spots in Bali, depending on the tide and waves and your Surfing level. We search for the best waves for our students, instead of conducting the lessons in our convenient location. So, get ready to check out the best spots with us!

Our lessons will always be conducted in small groups, which means that we have ratio of 1 instructor to maximum 2-3 students. We believe in ensuring safety and give best attention to each and every of our guests.   Lessons will only be conducted in predictable safe conditions.


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