Learn to Surf in Bali | Surfing Lessons | Why Surfing is great for Kids
That satisfying feeling when you got up standing on the surfboard and riding the waves for the first time is unforgettable. Even though how skilled in surfing your kid may be in future. Surfing helps to gain confidence for kids (and even adults!)
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Why Surfing is Great for Kids (and adults too!)

15 Jul Why Surfing is Great for Kids (and adults too!)


1. Helps to boost their confidence level

That satisfying feeling when you got up standing on the surfboard and riding the waves for the first time is unforgettable. Even though how skilled in surfing your kid may be in future. Surfing helps to gain confidence for kids (and even adults!), but it is so much better if confidence is built in since young. It not only teaches your kid to be confident, but also patience. You don’t usually get up standing for the first wave, it teaches you to keep trying and never give up no matter how many times you fall. 

2. Put their energy to learning something new

Kids are always so active! As a parent you might already get to tired but your kid is still full of energy. Put their energy to good use to learn something new. Surfing not only teaches them about obtaining a healthy lifestyle, but also ensure that they will have a real good sleep after that!

3. Learning about the Ocean

The surfers community are always committed to keeping the ocean clean, and doing their part to keep the ocean less polluted. The ocean is not only our playground, but also so important to us in our daily life. Through surfing, your kid will learn about the importance of our mother ocean after time. And not to forget, it is the ocean that also teaches us to be humble. 

4. Meet new people who have the same interest!

One best thing about surfing is that it brings together people who have the same passion and good energy. Surfing brings people together regardless of age, nationality or race. Sharing and learning from each other is one great way to build friendships around the world!

5. Introducing them to a healthy lifestyle since young

As school gets more tiring and stressful nowadays for kids, it is important that they feel balanced. Giving some time for sports helps them to strike a balance. Surfing is a healthy and relaxing sport not only physically but also mentally. It is also proven that kids to take part in sports perform better in school.